Fact or Fiction

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❓ GPs aren’t open

❎ FICTION! Lepton and Kirkheaton surgeries has remained open throughout the pandemic, serving our 7,000+ patients, offering emergency and routine appointments with doctors, nurses, physio and clinical pharmacists.

We are also assisting with the assessment, treatment, and follow up of patients with Covid19.

❓ There are no face to face appointments

❎ FICTION! Where it is clear that you would benefit from a face to face appointment, for example if you need an examination, the doctor or nurse will arrange this for you.

We have followed national guidelines to ensure safety by opting for a telephone-first model. We have had some excellent feedback from patients, especially with the use of new technology.

Our colleagues at the local hospital clinics have adopted the same system too.

❓ You can’t get an appointment!

❎ FICTION! Appointments are available every day. We have suspended online booking due to the coronavirus, so please arrange one by phoning reception.

❓ Why aren’t GP surgeries open like the supermarkets and hairdressers?

✅ FACT! Because we see sick people as well as those who are vulnerable, unlike your local high street shops, we have to be extra careful, to ensure the safety of you, your neighbours and ourselves!

❓ You aren’t allow to go to A&E

❎ FICTION! Yes you are – if you have a life threatening emergency such as chest pain, fracture, difficulty breathing, collapse, please ring 999, or go directly to A&E. A&E is open and ready to see patients.