Electronic Data Sharing Model (eDSM)

Please open the attached links under the “our Documents” page for further information regarding the electronic data-sharing model.

There is more information about existing guidelines at http://www.nhscarerecords.nhs.uk/carerecords.

Electronic Data Sharing Module

You may have seen or heard about the eDSM in the news or if you have recently visited other clinical services in the area. This will allow patients to consent or dissent to sharing information on their record with other services using SystmOne.

SystmOne is a computer system that we use in the practice to record your clinical information and various other NHS care services use the same programme such as the District Nursing team and Podiatry. By consenting to a share this will allow immediate access to your clinical information inputted outside of the practice instead of us having to rely on letter and fax notifications.

The program will go live on our system from 24th July and so you will need to inform your GP during your next consultation if you wish to consent or dissent. Please see the menu on the right for further information.